60-second Strategies:
Journey to a

Facts about this 60-second Strategies Journey to a Happier, Healthier You

I invite you to have fun with me as we walk on this journey together.

At each step on the way, I will offer you:

  • A path to live with more freedom, authenticity, and less toxic stress
  • Activities to help you explore and re-tool your own attitudes and behaviors
  • Step-by-step strategies to help you ditch bad habits and enjoy healthier patterns
  • Guided reflections to give you more energy, less lethargy
  • Specific ways for you to check on your own progress.
Meaningful Exchanges has partnered with Millie Grenough, founder of Oasis in the Overwhelm ™, to bring this distinctive new course to you, which comes directly from Millie’s home to yours. Millie will be your personal coach. Imagine her sitting right in front of you. She will smile, look directly at your eyes, and speak softly into your ears. You will feel her warmth and her unique presence. You will absorb her wisdom. You will notice the difference and, as Millie says, “the people around you will notice too!” We appreciate your trust in us and we encourage you to continue taking positive steps towards your wellbeing. Meaningful Exchanges  17 Lewis Street New Haven, CT 06513  +1 860 402 7112  |

Early training in holistic modalities: one of ten people named Master Rubenfeld Synergist by body/mind pioneer Ilana Rubenfeld. Mindfulness Training with Thich Nhat Hanh and Jon Kabat-Zinn. EMDR-Level II Certified since 1994, with specialty in Performance Enhancement.

Hassled  ✈︎  Happy 

Enroll in our courses and you will receive the Oasis book as a gift.

Enroll in our courses and you will receive the Oasis book as a gift.

Be part of an experience that transforms you
Learn to handle stress in a healthy way

The 28-Day Guide was created by Millie Grenough and Executive Coaches/Certified Master Oasis Trainers Jill Berquist and Virginia Kravitz to help their clients make Oasis part of their daily lives.


“Looking for bits of balance in the daily chaos? Millie’s OASIS Strategies give you short, sixty-second breaks from the zaniness of life – and, as a bonus, they’re practical ideas to be happier.”

Jim Donovan
Author Handbook to a Happier Life
“Any new idea about stress and how to cope with it in our increasingly complex world must be welcomed with open arms. OASIS suggests simple steps that anyone of any age or walk of life can master. It works.”
Elayne Phillips
Theatre Director, Bern, Switzerland
“An excellent guide for Type A people like me who want quick and practical methods to manage stress. They really work!”

Brad Aldrich
President National Society of Professional Engineers


Once the payment is approved, an account will be created for you so that you can access the virtual classroom, where you will find all the videos so you can start at the time most convenient for you.

With the purchase of the course you will have the Oasis book in free digital format and 30 videos and other content exclusively for you from Millie Grenough

The course is designed as a 28-day journey, with separate activities for each day of the journey. However, feel free to adapt the journey to your preferred rhythm. Plug into the videos and exercises at a pace that suits your schedule. If you are in a hurry, it’s fine to travel a couple of days at once. If you want a break, go ahead and take a rest. It’s your journey – you’re the one in control!

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