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In these days of worldwide stress, Meaningful Exchanges is pleased to present Millie Grenough’s online course as our desire to offer tangible relief to people worldwide

Millie Grenough

Millie is the 5th of 7 children born to a working-class family in Louisville, Kentucky. The Grenough household was known as “the house with the swinging doors” — it always welcomed relatives and strangers. No accident that Millie continued that desire to explore life with many different people: eight years as a Maryknoll Sister (three of them in Bolivia and Peru); after leaving the convent, six years as an ESL teacher (three years in Spain, three in the USA, creator of Sing it! Learn English through Song), then gigs as a night-club singer.
After a near-death bicycle accident forced her to face the crazy pace of her own life, her trainings with Ilana Rubenfeld, Jon Kabat-Zinn, Thich Nhat Hanh and Francine Shapiro helped her put the pieces of her life together.
Millie now happily learns from her six grandchildren, husband Paul, colleagues at Yale University School of Medicine, and the events of daily life. She eagerly shares this “ordinary wisdom” with you.

I have been blessed by a life that has brought me love in the form of my twin children, Samuel and Clara.
I have the great fortune to live, work and love in two worlds. I earned a BA/MA in psychology from the National University of Cordoba and an MSW from Yeshiva University in New York.
I have worked in leadership and management positions, as a psychotherapist and coach. I coordinate groups within organizations and privately. I impact leadership development areas in the U.S. I am a “tango culturist” in all its dimensions.
I am excited to lay the bricks of this two-way bridge that will connect us all, simply by creating meaningful exchanges.

Gerardo Sorkin

Daniel Sorkin

I lived my childhood in the countryside, in the middle of nowhere, in Argentina.
I am the first child of an Italian mother and a Jewish father. In this order, Catalina, Julieta, Benjamin and Francisco are my children. I love them deeply.
I obtained a master’s degree in political science from the Catholic University of Córdoba.
My professional career is very broad. I have worked as a high school teacher in Israel in minority integration, cultural diversity and conflict resolution. I have done project management for large public and public organizations in Spain and Argentina. In my spare time I act in independent films.
I am passionate about designing social tools that can trigger ideas, tune us and bring us closer to our human environment.


The 28-Day Guide was created by Millie Grenough and Executive Coaches/Certified Master Oasis Trainers Jill Berquist and Virginia Kravitz to help their clients make Oasis part of their daily lives.

Jill Berquist

Founder and Certified Leadership Coach Berquist Coaching Services, LLC

Virginia Kravitz

Writer, Coach, and Creator of In the Current