Daniel Sorkin

Daniel Sorkin

I lived my childhood in a cattle farm, in the middle of nowhere, in Argentina.

I am the first son of an Italian mother and a Jewish father. Catalina, Julieta, Benjamín and Francisco are my children, and I love them deeply.

I’ve earned a Masters in Political Science from the Catholic University of Córdoba.

My professional background is very broad. I’ve worked as a high school teacher in Israel, teaching on the subject of minorities’ integration, cultural diversity and conflict resolution. I’ve been a project manager for large private and public organizations in Spain and Argentina, and in my spare time, I also act in movies.

I am passionate about designing social tools that can trigger insight, that force us to tune in and reconnect with our human environment.


Gerardo Sorkin

Gerardo Sorkin

I too grew up in a small town in Argentina, in the middle of nowhere.

I’ve been blessed by a life which has brought me love in the form of my twin children, Samuel and Clara.

I have the great fortune of living, working and loving in two worlds. I’ve earned a BA/MA in Psychology from the National University of Córdoba and a MSW from Yeshiva University in New York.

I’ve worked in directorship positions, as a psychotherapist and coach, as a facilitator of psychoeducational groups within organizations, and in leadership development in USA. Last but not least, I am a “Tango Aficionado".

I feel exited about laying the bricks of this two-way bridge which will connect us all, simply by creating meaningful exchanges.