January 19, 2018

The Experience


An unprecedented blend of continuing education with cultural travel


It is no longer “either/or” because now, it all comes together. Join us to safely embark on your pathway of professional growth (16.5 CEUs) while at the same time, exploring a wondrous multi-faceted South American culture.

We have creatively designed and thoroughly planned a comprehensive program that balances the right amount of information on both sides in order to give you a truly transformational experience.

With us, you will participate in the preparation and savoring of delicious native meals, taste world-renowned Malbec wines and learn to dance the elegant steps of the Tango. You will be part of a walking tour through historic sites neighboring modern architecture. You will also interface with a panel of experts who will introduce you to the history of the land from the distinct lenses of political science, journalism and psychology.

At the same time, you will work on developing and maintaining your own self-care plan by practicing self-knowledge exercises. You will be taught about emerging theoretical models for understanding the complexities of family systems. You will see the inner workings of The Club House which represents a comprehensive model of working in the mental health field. Lastly, you will practice mindfulness surrounded by breathtaking lake views!

Know that you will not do this alone. We will guide you along every step of this life altering journey. We are local and global. We truly “walk the talk” of cultural diversity.

Now, we know the adventure cannot start without proper planning. On our website, you will find the information you will need before you arrive in Argentina. If we’ve missed something you need to know, we are fully available to answer questions about what to pack, how to get around and what to expect. We have all of the insider tips to ensure you have an unforgettable experience.

We look forward to having a meaningful exchange with you!



Program Leaders:

Daniel Sorkin, MS 

Gerardo Sorkin, LCSW