January 18, 2018

Day 6

Morning meditation


Workshop “Music and Dance in our culture. Introduction to Tango”

Back in the late 1800’s, Argentina became a hotspot for many new immigrants from Europe who settled in the cities but found themselves depressed from lonely, without a real outlet for entertainment. They began congregate at bars and as time moved forward, their different cultures mixed with the local Latin sounds and produced a new style of music and social dance  named “Tango”.

We will learn and enjoy the “the basic 8-step” and join in the Tango experience



Workshop “Tango Todo Terreno”

We will explore another dimension of tango by practicing balance, guided imagery and connecting with each other.

Facilitator: Gerardo Sorkin, LCSW in NY and CT


Wine tasting

Argentina is widely known for its Malbec, and together, we will indulge in some of the best, and engage in lively discussions about how this varietal has brought such pride to this country.