January 18, 2018

Day 3



Morning meditation


Panel: “Learning from the Experts”

“Psychoanalysis in Minor Language” Mariano Horenstein, Psychoanalyst

Psychoanalysis is more than a psychological practice in Argentina; it is a central part of the culture. Mariano, one of the most prominent psychoanalyst in Latin America, will lead us into a conversation on how the Freudian approach manifests according to geographies.


“Human Rights & the Judicial System” Jorge Vasallo, Journalist

Embedded in the court house, Jorge has been reporting about the trials to the military junta charged with human rights abuses. With his vernacular narrative, he will enlighten us about key cases with his insider view.


“Social Policy in Argentina. From the Return of Democracy to Today” Daniel Sorkin, MA in Political Sciences

The return to democracy in 1983, brought a new era of hope that changed the landscape of Argentina's history. Daniel will present the milestone events that shaped our present and built our future.



Movie & discussion: “The Official History”, awarded "Best Foreign Movie" in 1985 by the US Academy Awards 

This film deals with the story of an upper middle class couple who lived with an illegally adopted child. The mother comes to realize that her daughter may be the child of a victim of the forced disappearance that occurred during the military dictatorship. After the movie, we will have a thoughtful discussion to understand the main elements involved.