January 18, 2018




Morning: Arrival to Córdoba airport in Argentina (http://www.aa2000.com.ar/cordoba)


Welcoming reception - Light refreshments served

“Dive into delicious self-care” Keynote Guest Speaker: Millie Grenough (www.milliegrenough.com).

Millie is a Clinical Instructor in Psychiatry at Yale University School of Medicine and author of OASIS in the Overwhelmed. She is an acclaimed motivational speaker, affiliated to the International Coach Federation, International Speakers Network and the National Association of Social Workers.

First Workshop: “Caring for the Ones Who Care”


As professionals working in challenging social and emotional environments, we face multi-level stressors. As a result, we can be at risk for compassion fatigue and burn-out. In order to cope with these significant problems, self-care guidelines have emerged that rely heavily on content enhancement and behavioral management techniques. In this workshop, we will explore another dimension to providers’ self-care based on the fundamental premise that self-knowledge is bedrock to self-care. We will dive into the origins of our helping styles, we will practice awareness, joining and healthy boundary setting while drafting our own multi-dimensional self-care plan.

Facilitators: Miriam Perez Bali MA & Gerardo Sorkin LCSW in NY and CT.