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Dr Raimundo Muscellini

Visit to Club House Bienestar

On Wednesday June 27 we will visit to Club House “Bienestar”. It is an outpatient treatment center for people with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder focused on the principles of psychoneurocognitive and social rehabilitation. The main objective is for people to recover, develop and maintain their cognitive and socialization abilities, avoiding relapses and psychosocial deterioration caused Read more about Visit to Club House Bienestar[…]

Miriam Perez Bali

Miriam Perez Bali

Psychologist with more than 22 years of specialized experience in Gestalt, Couple and Family Psychotherapy, Approach to the difficulties of growth and personal development in the different stages of life. She will be speaking at the first Workshop: “Caring for the ones who care” with Gerardo Sorkin. About the Workshop: As professionals working in challenging Read more about Miriam Perez Bali[…]