Visit to Club House Bienestar

On Wednesday June 27 we will visit to Club House “Bienestar”.

Casa Club Bienestar

It is an outpatient treatment center for people with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder focused on the principles of psychoneurocognitive and social rehabilitation. The main objective is for people to recover, develop and maintain their cognitive and socialization abilities, avoiding relapses and psychosocial deterioration caused by the disease as much as possible.

This Community Mental Health Rehabilitation Center is a model in this country for how to work with individuals living with chronic mental illness and their families. We will meet with clients, staff and the director of the institution, Dr. Raimundo Muscellini to get a full picture of its practice.

Dr Raimundo Muscellini

Dr Raimundo Muscellini

Dr. Raimundo Juan Muscellini is a Specialist Doctor in Psychiatry (MP 14581 – ME4662). He also is a international member of American Psychiatric Asociation (APA).

He is a Medical Psychiatrical Advisor and Cofundator of ACAPEF, an association that helps people with schizophrenia and their families.


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